How to Play Lotto 47

To play Lotto 47, you are required to enter six numbers from 1 to 47. You can choose your own numbers or get an Easy Pick if you want a random selection. It's one of the simplest games you'll find to play, with no additional bonus numbers to select. You can also add on a couple of options to increase your chances of winning. Find out more about how to play Lotto 47.

Drawings take place every Wednesday and Saturday evening at 7:29pm. You need to get your entries in by 7:08pm on the night. Follow the steps below to play Lotto 47.

If you already have a ticket from a previous drawing and want to re-use the same selections, you can just take it to a retailer and ask for a Replay. A new entry will be printed showing the same numbers. You can replay a ticket as long as the original entry had been created within the past 31 days.

How to Win Prizes

To win a Lotto 47 prize, you need to match at least three of your six numbers to the winning numbers that are selected. If all six are the same, you win the jackpot of at least $1 million. If the top prize is not won, it rolls over to the next drawing. Go to the Lotto 47 Prizes page to find out about all the different ways to win and the payouts you can receive. If you win, you will need to claim your money within one year of the date of the draw.

Double Play and EZmatch

Double Play and EZmatch are separate games which cannot be played on their own. You just need to select the relevant option on your playslip to be entered into either game. You can play one, both or neither. Double Play costs $1 per entry, while it also costs $1 to enter EZmatch.

Go to the Double Play page to find out all about this extra game and how it works. You can also head over to the EZmatch page to learn more about the instant win game.

You can play Lotto 47 at any Michigan Lottery retailer. You can also take part in a wide range of international lotteries online. See the Tickets page for more information.