Check Your Lotto 47 Numbers

Grab your tickets and check your Lotto 47 numbers to discover if you're a winner. There's no need to work out for yourself whether you're due a prize when you can just enter your numbers into the Checker below. They will then be compared to the official results and your winning matches will be displayed. You'll also see how much you have won. The jackpot is always worth at least $1 million, while the other prizes you can win are $2,500, $100 and $5.

It's really easy to use the Checker. Enter the numbers on your ticket, hit 'Add Line' if you have another set to look at and indicate whether you want to check the Double Play results too. Go to the Numbers page to see all the latest Lotto 47 results.

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*Remember that the only way to win a prize is to buy a Lotto 47 ticket and match the winning numbers. The outcome of the Checker does not prove you are a winner. It is a tool to aid players. does not accept any liability for errors or omissions in the information provided. If you win a prize, you have one year to come forward and claim it. Go to the How to Claim page for more information.