EZmatch is an instant game in which you can win prizes as soon as you buy your Lotto 47 tickets without even having to wait for a drawing to take place. Learn more about how the game works and the prizes you can win.

How to Play

Play EZmatch by selecting the option on your playslip. You don't need to pick any numbers or fill out any other details. It costs an extra $1 to take part on top of the standard cost of entry. You can find immediately when you pay for your ticket whether you have won.

Five random numbers from 1 to 47 will be generated on your ticket and printed on the lower portion. A cash value - ranging from $2 to $500 - is shown alongside each number. If any of the EZmatch numbers on your ticket match the numbers you selected for the drawing, you win the associated prize.

If you match more than one of the numbers, you win the combined total of the prize amounts.

EZmatch Payouts

The following table shows all the EZmatch prizes you can win and the odds of each one being generated. There are 11 different payouts on the game.

EZmatch Prizes
Prize Odds of Winning
$500 1 in 84,000
$250 1 in 42,000
$100 1 in 14,000
$50 1 in 4,942
$20 1 in 2,100
$15 1 in 1,293
$10 1 in 132
$5 1 in 280
$4 1 in 77
$3 1 in 14
$2 1 in 10

You can claim EZmatch prizes directly from Michigan Lottery retailers, so you may even be able to walk out of the store moments after you have played with an extra $500 in your pocket if you win the top prize. However, you should also be mindful that some retailers may not have the cash available to pay you there and then. Go to the How to Claim page for more information about the process for claiming different prize amounts.